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6 ways to meet new people in Ames

January 8, 2024

Ames is full of new experiences – distinctive dining, fun outdoor recreation, unique culture and arts, bustling nightlife, and, of course, the greatest shopping. Enjoying these activities lone-wolf style is always a fulfilling option, but meeting new people can be an exciting experience of its own. That’s why we’ve taken the stress out of finding new pals on your own and highlighted the best experiences to meet new people in Ames.


Book Club

Sharing ideas and opinions can open a door to a new world of friendships. Connect with those who have similar viewpoints, or opposing ones at Dog-Eared Books Official Book Club. This no-cost, registration free book club meets once a month at our favorite locally owned bookstore. They read and discuss both fiction and nonfiction, which are available for purchase at the store or to borrow at the Ames Public Library.

book club dog eared books

Trivia Nights

Pick your brain and pair up with a team of like-minded individuals at one of Ames’ many trivia night around town. Every night of the weekday, find the perfect spot to test your knowledge and make friends along the way. These locations are the perfect spot to share laughs, food, and drinks.

Monday – The Mucky Duck Pub

Tuesday – Mother’s Pub

Wednesday – Alluvial Brewing Company, West Towne Pub

Thursday – Torrent Brewing Company

Friday – Blue Owl Bar, Cornbred


Podcast Brunch Club

This community of engaged podcast listeners is truly a unique Ames experience. Every month, explore 2 – 5 hours of podcast listening, followed by an interesting discussion in-person or online. If you want a book-club-like experience without reading, this is the experience for you. Get more information about the Ames Podcast Brunch Club here.


Cooking Classes

Food is one of the greatest connectors in life. If you want to go beyond cooking for yourself, pick up a cooking class at The Recipe in downtown Ames. Whether you’re brand new to cooking or need to refresh your technique, these classes are open to everyone. Get a hands-on experience by making everything from pasta to kombucha. Check out their January schedule here!


Live music

The sounds of new friendships are in the air! Local bars and venues are bustling with live music anytime of the year. In addition to most of the trivia bars listed above, London Underground and Della Viti are exceptionally fun for live music. Check out our guide to The best places to catch live music in Ames and prepare for a night filled with new opportunities.

If you want to take the stage yourself, experience an open-mic night like never before at The Maintenance Shop in the Iowa State Memorial Union.

Live music torrent brewing at maxium ames

Sports Leagues

If you’re the get-out-and-go type, meet others with the same mindset at one of the many Ames Adult recreation leagues. Experience the thrill of a buzzer-beater in basketball, the winning trick shot in pickleball, or simply a team atmosphere in any one of their sports leagues. Take the first step of friendship and sign up for the player pool to be put on a team today!


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