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Guide to relaxation in Ames

August 14, 2023

August 15th is National Relaxation Day! Here is your guide to self-care and relaxation in Ames.

scenic walk through the park

Take a scenic stroll

Experience serenity by taking a stroll through one of Ames’ natural wonders. For a flower-filled walk, head to Reiman Gardens. If you are looking for peace and quiet, stroll through Brookside or Ada Hayden Heritage Park.


Get a message or facial

It’s All About Me Boutique and Spa offers a variety of self-care services. Enjoy a facial or a massage, and watch your tension melt away. Sunstone Massage and Body Works also delivers relaxing massages.


Read a book

Feed your imagination and let your mind wander while reading a book from Dog-Eared Books. We can all agree petting dogs (especially lovie!) is a form of self-care! For an even wider selection of books, visit the Ames Public Library.

Dog-eared books


Have a drink

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Sit back, relax, and have a delicious beverage to take the edge off. Cocktails helps the mind unwind, and no one does Cocktails better than Noir! More in the mood for a brew? You can never go wrong with Alluvial Brewing.


Listen to music

Ames has music! Check out live music happening in Ames here. Stephens Auditorium’s season is just around the corner, so reserve a ticket to see spectacular shows starting this October.


Get a sweet treat

Treat yourself to something sweet! Check out our blog about where to find a sweet treat in Ames. A few of our favorites include Marmalade Moon, Chocolaterie Stam, and Great Harvest Bakery and Café.

marmalade moon ice cream


Take a bubble bath

If all else fails, let the warm embrace of a bubble bath transport you to the realm of relaxation. Head over to Z.W. Mercantile to pick up an assortment of bubbles and bath salts to transform your bath!



By Rachel Gantt, Marketing and Communications Intern


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