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Story County road closure during RAGBRAI

June 27, 2023

On July 25th and 26th RAGBRAI riders will be in Story County. We want to make the public aware of travel impacts to Story County roads during their time here. It is highly recommended that the public find alternative routes in Ames and south to Slater and the County line other than 510th Ave and U.S. Highway 210 on July 25th and 26th. Cyclists may take up both lanes of 510th Ave as they leave Ames for Slater. Cars that attempt to cross from the west bound side of 510th Ave will have significant wait times. It is recommended that motorists use U.S. Highway 69 rather than 510th during these two days.

Starting at 9:30 AM through 6:00 PM, on Tuesday, July 25th, (arrival day) north bound traffic on 510th Ave (R38) will be detoured east bound at 280th Street (E-57, Kelley Corner) directing drivers through Kelley to U.S. Highway 69 to once again go north. This is for the safety of the riders crossing 510th Street from 270th Street north bound into Ames. Additionally, the off ramp from west bound U.S. Highway 30 to South Dakota Ave will be closed to allow for the passage of cyclists.

On Wednesday, July 26th it is expected that riders will depart Ames at 6:00 AM or earlier traveling on 510th Ave riding south to Slater. North bound traffic lanes will be open to local traffic only with traffic detoured at 280th Street through Kelley to U.S. Highway 69. Due to the large number of cyclists, the south bound lanes will be impassable and crossing 510th Ave will be extremely difficult and hazardous to cyclists. Additionally, both the west bound and east bound off ramps from U.S. Highway 30 to South Dakota will be closed until Noon.

In Slater, the Iowa Department of Transportation will close U.S. Highway 210 just west of 510th Ave. RAGBRAI will be departing the Slater area by Noon on Wednesday and 510th and U.S. Highway 210 will be passable after that time.

For West Ames residents, South Dakota Ave will be closed at Mortensen Ave when cyclists arrive and depart. If you use this pathway to reach U.S. Highway 30 you will need to find an alternate route. Possible routes may be Lincolnway to Duff Ave or west bound to the Napier exit to go east bound to Interstate 35. U.S. Highway 17 in Boone County is also path for RAGBRAI riders so this route is also not recommended to travel to Des Moines.

If you have any questions please contact Story County Emergency Management at

Information courtesy of Story County Emergency Management Agency


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  1. Hi officers, I’m a little confused about the time for lane closure for Mortensen Road. I live in fountain view, located on Mortensen Road, and I need to plan when to get up and go to work. Thank you

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