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Maximum Ames Music Festival

Get ready for this city-wide music bash! This year’s Max Ames will feature 21 venues and 99 bands. And it’s all free!

Angry Irishman

  • Friday 9pm:  Bleujack, Parabola, King Wylde Band
  • Saturday 9pm: Pink Kodiak, State Parks, Moonrabbit
  • Sunday 9pm: Look At Me, Mr Softheart, Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops

The Mucky Duck

  • Thursday 6pm: Ben Bolluyt comedy / Axel Zumwalt comedy
  • Thursday 7pm: 1997
  • Thursday 9pm: Reggie Greenlaw
  • Friday 5:30pm: Erik Timmons
  • Friday 7pm: Dick Danger Band
  • Friday 9:30pm: Crash Cuddle
  • Saturday 5pm: Angie and James
  • Saturday 7pm: Diego Danger
  • Saturday 9pm: Stringfield
  • Sunday 4pm: Severio Mancieri
  • Sunday 5:30pm: Hideaway Honey Band
  • Sunday 7pm: The Sweet Tones

Chocolaterie Stam

  • Thursday 5:30pm: Emily Hilleman
  • Friday 5pm: Rachel Greene
  • Saturday 10:30am: Pat Meek and Rick Exner
  • Saturday noon: Ken Jolls
  • Sunday 2:30pm: Count Me In


  • Saturday 2pm: Steve Veysey
  • Saturday 3:30pm: Life In Prism

Little Woods Herbal

  • Saturday noon: Face Paint with Kate Allender
  • Saturday 2:30pm: Elizabeth Zimmerman


  • Saturday noon: John Redig drum circle
  • Saturday 1:30pm: Jim Coppoc
  • Saturday 3pm: Munk Rivers

Ames Public Library

  • Saturday 10am: Drum Iowa
  • Saturday noon: Yoga with Taylor Bear

London Underground

  • Thursday 7pm: Matt Woods
  • Thursday 10pm: Ben Schrag and The Cautionaries
  • Friday 6pm: Paige Clouse
  • Friday 8pm: Luke Fox
  • Friday 10pm: Jordan Mayland
  • Saturday 4pm: Jonah Seymour
  • Saturday 6pm: Teri Rosalani Underhill
  • Saturday 8pm: Casey DeAngelo
  • Saturday 10pm: DJ Elliot

Great Harvest Bakery

  • Saturday 11am: Paige Clouse
  • Saturday 12:30pm: Britches and Hose

Burgies South

  • Sunday 11am: Rylee Foreman
  • Sunday 12:30pm: Neva Alden
  • Sunday 2pm: TBA

Time Out

  • Thursday 7pm: Tom Hummer
  • Sunday 7pm: The Juan and Only

Ames City Auditorium

  • Friday 7pm: Brooks Strause
  • Friday 8pm: Todd Partridge

Sweet Caroline’s

  • Thursday 7pm: Collective Indifference
  • Friday 6pm: Marc Bailey
  • Friday 8pm: Buckmiller Schwager Band
  • Friday 10pm: Miss Christine
  • Saturday 5pm: Ryan O’Rien
  • Saturday 7pm: Bob Dorr and friends
  • Saturday 9pm: Smokin Joe
  • Sunday 5pm: TBA

Morning Bell Coffee Roasters

  • Thursday 5:30pm: Vella and Tabbi


  • Thursday 7pm: Kelli Rae Powell
  • Friday 7pm: Munk Rivers
  • Saturday 5pm: Nella Thomas Band
  • Saturday 7:30pm: Tony McGhee
  • Sunday 5pm: Steve Veysey
  • Sunday 7pm: Jon Wayne

Della Viti

  • Thursday 8:30pm: Rush Cleveland
  • Friday 8pm: Obsidian’s Dream
  • Friday 9:30pm: Great Caesar’s Goat
  • Saturday 4pm: Joel Sires
  • Saturday 8pm: Indigo Monks
  • Sunday 12:30pm: Larry Stoltenberg
  • Sunday 2pm: Blake Shaw Trio
  • Sunday 3:30pm: Tony McGhee Project

Cornbred BBQ

  • Friday 5:30pm: The Mike Walsh Band
  • Friday 7pm: Moscow Puzzles
  • Friday 8:30pm: The New Bodies
  • Saturday 5:30pm: TBA
  • Saturday 8:30pm: Iowa No Mountain Boys
  • Sunday 12:30pm: Casey Joe Collins

Dog-Eared Books

  • Thursday 5:30pm: Jordan Messerole
  • Friday 7pm: Nick Muhlbauer

Torrent Brewing

  • Thursday 7pm: Chris Patterson
  • Friday 6pm: Redzband
  • Friday 8pm: The Second Shift
  • Friday 9:45pm: Foxpin
  • Saturday 2pm: Keith Rich
  • Saturday 3pm: School of Rock House Band
  • Saturday 5pm: An Medeiros
  • Saturday 6:30pm: Allegra Hernandez
  • Saturday 8pm: Hot Kunch
  • Saturday 9:30pm: Seth Cloe and the Silver Liners
  • Sunday 1pm: Dual Resonance
  • Sunday 2:30pm: School of Rock After Hours
  • Sunday 4:30pm: John Burns
  • Sunday 6pm: Matt Woods

Wheatsfield Co-op

  • Saturday 1:30pm: Coffee Shop Romance
  • Saturday 3:30pm: The Vida Sisters

313 Bar & Lounge

  • Thursday: Another Lost Year, Jake Kemble and the Kick
  • Sunday: Dominique Hammons, Hiphopsax



Sep 21 - 24 2023

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