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Where to get to work in Ames

August 29, 2023

Looking for a place to study with delicious drinks, amazing food, and free Wi-Fi? Ames has a ton of great options! Here are the best places to get to work in Ames.

Lockwood Cafe

Lockwood Café

If you love crepes, you will love Lockwood Café! The cool atmosphere and delicious food are the perfect motivator. Take a seat inside or outside in one of their many options!


Bar La Tosca / Stomping Grounds Café 

Stomping Ground Café is a perfect study spot located right on Welch Ave. If you need to leave campus to grab lunch and get some homework done, Stomping Grounds Café is the place to be.

Stomping Grounds patio


Café Diem

Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi and delicious food at Café Diem. Grab a bite to eat while studying in this fantastic spot on Main Street.


Burgie’s Coffee

Check out their north and south locations for double the fun. Burgie’s is a great spot to get a coffee and food while getting to work. They have tons of seating and a fun atmosphere!

Burgies North


Café Milo

This artisan coffee shop has all your favorites, from tea, coffee, and food to things you haven’t tried yet! Study for an exam or complete your homework at Café Milo.


Café Baudelaire 

In the mood for something different? Check out Café Baudelaire for Brazilian cuisine. This new change of pace might be exactly what you need to be productive.

Café Baudelaire



It’s everyone’s favorite comfort food in a new and exciting form! Head to Welch and stop at Macubana for some amazing food and vibes.


Morning Bell Coffee Roasters 

For big-city specialty coffee right on Main Street, visit Morning Bell Coffee Roasters. Sip on some caffeine and keep working.



With pumpkin spice just around the corner, head to one of Ames’ Starbucks locations, a staple with the things you know you love.



By Rachel Gantt, Marketing and Communications Intern


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