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Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau launches ‘Discover Ames’ brand

May 9, 2022

The Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau has announced that starting Monday, May 9 the organization will, for marketing and promotional purposes, be known as Discover Ames.

“Our goals for the new Discover Ames identity are to simplify and strengthen our brand, expand our destination marketing outreach, and present a unified voice for Ames tourism,” said Kevin Bourke, president and CEO of Discover Ames.

As the official destination marketing organization for Ames and the surrounding area, Discover Ames strengthens the Ames economy by attracting events and promoting Ames as a travel destination. The organization attracts and secures meetings, conventions, events, and visitors for Ames and Iowa State University, providing services to groups and visitors as well as enhancing the quality of life for the Ames community.

The “CYtes of Ames” identity, created to jointly market Ames and Iowa State, will no longer be used on social media channels or in other promotions. However, Discover Ames will continue its long-standing partnership with Iowa State University’s Conference Planning and Management and Registration Services departments – a unique and beneficial “town and gown” relationship.

Discover Ames publishes a printed visitors guide and two digital newsletters, one for tourism (“Discover Ames”) and one for the community (“Ames Insider”), as well as promoting events and local businesses through social media. In the coming months, Discover Ames will unveil a redesigned website and a professionally produced video that promotes Ames tourism.

“Our marketing team worked for six months to ensure that the new brand resonates with the community, because that is extremely important to us,” Bourke said. “We met with our board of directors and with a broad cross-section of community and university stakeholders. The Discover Ames brand will establish a unique and authentic identity for Ames-area tourism.”

The Ames tourism industry accounts for a major and irreplaceable source of revenue for restaurants, shops, cultural organizations, attractions, and hotels in the city of Ames and surrounding region. Visitors to Ames annually generate more than $100 million in economic development for the benefit of the community. Historically, the Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau has enhanced the overall Ames experience and contributed to the economic well-being of the city through leadership and innovation in the hospitality industry.



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